Ruslan Kosolapov (grundik) wrote,
Ruslan Kosolapov

CL круче схемы батарейками, говорите?

"PLT is happy to announce the release of Racket, available from"

Хотя это уже не совсем scheme.

PS: для особых ценителей:

#lang lazy
;; An infinite list:
(define fibs
  (list* 1 1 (map + fibs (cdr fibs))))
;; Print the 1000th Fibonacci number:
(print (list-ref fibs 1000))

#lang typed/racket
;; Using higher-order occurrence typing
(define-type SrN (U String Number))
(: tog ((Listof SrN) -> String))
(define (tog l)
  (apply string-append (filter string? l)))
(tog (list 5 "hello " 1/2 "world" (sqrt -1)))
Tags: lisp
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